Difference between Certified Recreation Therapists and Activity Directors
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Updated 2018/2019 list of Certified RT/TR Internship Sites & Universities 

Preceptor Internship Sites Guidelines & Forms for Agencies who want to become certified and do not have a state certified recreation therapist on staff at this time, but will have within 2 years.   Please refer to the Recreation Therapy Internship Agency Application  below.  The application is be completed by agencies that are not already certified and approved as a CBRPC Recreation Therapy Internship Agency site. 

CBRPC Agency RT Internship Sites & Universities 2019-2020 updated 4-19-'19.pdf


This is for agencies/organizations who are required to verify prospective and or long term employee's certifications.
To obtain the information email: cbrpc@roadrunner.com and include the following information: 

  • the date the certificant's was first certified 
  • current standing 
  • when the certificate expires 

In order for certificant's to maintain their certification, our certificants must renew every 2 years by showing proof of 2.0 CEU's directly related to recreation therapy and pay a nominal fee. 
The Re-certification Review committee meets twice a year to review each and reviews each and every renewal. 
Results of the review go out in the mail that evening. If the committee has any concerns, they notify the certificant via phone and email. Late renewals may be delayed 4 to 6 weeks after the expiration date.  


The California Board of Recreation and Park Certification is to assure the general public and employing agency of the competence of recreation, park, and therapeutic recreation professionals by certifying that they meet prescribed standards. 

California Board of Recreation
​and Park Certification, Inc

Approved and Updated Recreation Therapy Fieldwork and Internship Sites and Universities. 

The Recreator Certificated Certificate is designed to certify that an individual is qualified by education and experience to conduct administer and manage recreation services. (Application available under Forms)

The Recreation Therapy Assistant Registration is designed to certify that an individual is qualified through training and experience to conduct and administer therapeutic recreation services at a paraprofessional level. 
(Application available under Forms)

California Board of Recreation
​and Park Certification, Inc

The Agency and University list is updated every March and September after renewals and new applications have been through review and approval.  
The Recreation Therapy Agency Internship sites require a minimum of 560 hours, in spring 2016 the minimum will be 600 hours for a Recreation Therapy Internship and many more hours.  

Check each site for the number of hours required, type of agencies, population and age groups served.  If you have any other questions- please contact the agency site or our office cbrpc@roadrunner.com  

Our agencies follow strick rules established by CBRPC and our State Universities to ensure our students 
receive the best possible internship.

This certification assures recreation therapy students consistency in content and quality at our agency internship sites. CBRPC, Inc, at the request of the Recreation Therapy Section of the California Park and Recreation Society and our California State Universities, adopted specific criteria for internship experiences and established a procedure for the approval of training sites based on the specific criteria.  This is updated 
on a yearly basis..

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