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California Board of Recreation
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This includes Recreation Therapy and Recreator Certified Applications, Recreation Therapy Assistant Registered Application, Texas Certified Recreation Therapist Transfer Certification from Texas to California, Transferring California Certification to Texas Certification, Previously Certified Re-Entry as a Recreation Therapist Certified and New Recreation Therapy Internship Agency Applications.


This application is specifically for individuals with a  Bachelors, Master's and or Doctoral degree in Recreation Therapy.  No other degrees or experience will be accepted. Students having graduated after 2009 must complete an internship - work experience will not substitute for an internship. Internships must be under the supervision of a certified recreation therapist - RTC. 

FYI: Students are required to complete a minimum 600 hour internship. (Board approved 3/12/15). ​



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We recommend supplementing one or both recreation therapy text Books to go with Study Guide; which is merely that, a guide.  We also recommend getting into study groups.  The study guide order form is also part of the Recreation Therapy Application or click on the link below for the study guide order form.

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DISCLAIMER: The Recreation Therapy Certified Examination Study Guide has been developed to assist the applicant in preparing for the CA Board of Recreation and Park Certification and the Consortium for Therapeutic Recreation/ Activities Certification Examination.  It is designated to facilitate the review of the most recent university course material and therapeutic recreation texts and doe not guarantee the applicant will attain a passing score on the examination.  The study guide was developed and written by educators as were our examination questions.

Click here for the RT or RC Study Guide Order Form

ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for Application: 

   Spring: Last Friday of January: Examination given during the month of April 
   Fall 3rd Friday of August: Examinations given during the month of November     


Recreation Therapist Certified previously through our board has already proven they are qualified, sat and passed the exam and let their certification lapse.  To re-enter as a CBRPC Recreation Therapist Certified the following requirements must be completed.

- Earned 2.0 (20 hours) of CEU's related to our profession and within the past 2 years of the year you are re-entering.  Contact office for exact dates.
-Pay the fee (see application)
-CEU details provided in the attached form below.
-Re-taking the exam is not an option.

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Accepted CEU's for the RTC Previously Certified Re-Entry
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This application is for recreation and tourism studies management students and professionals. It is an entry level examination and requires a bachelors or masters degree in a related field.  

RC- Recreator Certification Application Information and Payment Form
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ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for Application Review: Spring: Last Friday of January Fall 3rd Friday of August         


This is for individuals who have not received a specific degree from an accredited University in Recreation Therapy/Therapeutic Recreation. There are specific college/university courses required and experience in the field does count. This registration is specially designed for the para-professional/activity director.  This does not take the place of certified recreation therapists.   

RTAR- Recreation Therapist Assistant Registration Application Information and Payment Form

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ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for Application Review: Spring Last Friday of January Fall 3rd Friday of August
California State Universities where you can obtain a certificate in Recreation Therapy:

- CSU East Bay  Dr. Eric Kong, PhD 
  25800 Carlos Bee Blvd. Hayward, CA 94542

- CSU Long Beach  Dr. Terry Robertson  email:
  1250 Bellflower Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90840-4903

- CSU Fresno  Dr. Nancy Nisbett, PhD   email:
  5310 N. Campus Drive  M/S PH103 Fresno, CA 93740-8019

- San Jose State University  Dr. Suzy Ross, PhD   email:
  One Washington Square San Jose 95192-0052

Sample Course Titles from CA State University (CSU) Recreation Therapy Programs
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Texas Certification Transfer from Texas to California

This is for Recreation Therapists who are certified through Texas and have relocated in CA; your certification is transferable to RTC.  Review and complete the attached form.

Texas Certified Recreation Therapist Transfer Certification from Texas to California
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California Certification Transfer from California to Texas

This is for RTC's who relocate from California to Texas; your certification is transferable to Texas Certification.  Save yourself time and energy and complete this before your move.  Should you have any questions about the form or process contact: Kelly (Tuesday or Thursday) at 512-928-2292 or email questions to  

Caifornia RTC Transfer to Texas
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2016 University Renewal Form.pdf
Spring 2016 Internship Agency Renewal and Payment Form.pdf

Recreation Therapy Fieldwork Internship Agency Application Form

This is for an agency who would like to train and supervise university recreation therapy internship students who are in their last semester and required to complete an internship with CBRPC, Inc approved agency.  

The applying agency must have state and nationally certified recreation therapists who will be responsible for the training and direct supervision of our CA University students.  There are specific requirements developed by our state universities that ensure our students receive quality internships.

This form can  also used for Agencies that were approved missed there renewal and are now expired and want to come back in as a CBRPC approved certified agency.  The application has been updated and made more user friendly.  The completed application and supplemental information is to be no more than 50 pages and when complete sent to as a pdf attachment which will be emailed to the committee reviewing the new applications. 
Updated 3-15-15 
Recreation Therapy Fieldwork/Internship Agency Application and Payment Form 
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Use of Preceptor for RT Fieldwork Internship Agency Guidelines 
This form is specifically designed for an agency who is not certified for intern students and does not have a state certified recreation therapist on staff and would like to have their agency certified for a student intern and wants to use someone who is state certified and has agreed to be the agency preceptor with the understanding that one or more staff will become state certified and apply for an RT/TR Agency Application within 2 years.  Please read and review the guidelines, which is available in the Agency Application Form.


This application is for the current certificant (10 years or more) who is going to or is retired and no longer a practicing recreation certified professional or a practicing recreation therapist part-time or full-time in the field.  When the certificant is granted a Life Certificate they cannot use it to show they are currently certified to work in the field.  Once the Life Certificate has been granted and the certificant wants to go back to work part time or full time in the field, they must notify the office, become re-certified and begin earning 2.0 CEU's which will come due in 2 years from the time they re-enter as a certified RC or RTC.  

The Life Certificate does not authorize work in the field and is illegal to do so; it indicates the individual is a Life Certificant was in good standing and is no longer working in the field and awarded RRTC Retired Recreation Therapist Certified or RRC Retired Recreator Certified which, once Executive Board approved, can be placed behind their last name. 

Life / Retired Certificate Application
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RT / TR Student Internship Agency Renewal FORMS

FALL 2017, for agencies whose certificate expires September 30, 2017
Complete the first page & Payment form and the Personnel Qualification forms for each RTC / CTRS new staff person working with students.  

Any renewal form received after August 16, 2017 is late and charged the late fee.
Forms received after September 30, 2017 are considered expired.  To reinstate, must complete the New RT / TR Agency Application Form and go through the complete process.  

CBRPC 2019 Agency Internship Site Application.pdf

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CBRPC 2019 Internship Agency Internship Site Application .docx

 RENEWALS Information

Renewals increased to $100 by check/ MO and $105 by VISA or MasterCard
Late fee: (check/MO) $156.00 - (Visa/MasterCard) $161.00

RTC/ RC / RTAR Basic Renewal Information
Once all the renewals are complete, this information is provided on the website.
The Recertification Review Committee meets in Sacramento twice a year to review all renewals.  Results mailed out at the end of the meeting in plenty of time before the certificant's certification expires.

RTC / RC certificate and or Verification of 2.0 (20 hours) CEU's or Contact hours earned include:
Accepted CEU's for RTC Renewals:
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CEU Certificate validation format to include:
     -Name of CEU Provider/Workshop/Institute/Conference
     -Location/ Date and Time
     -Your name must appear on the CEU verification form
     -Session Title(s)/ length of each session (1hr/ 1.5 hrs/ 2 hrs/ 3 hrs)
     -Number of CEU(s) pr Contact hours earned
     -Monitor/sponsor of session/workshop/institute verifying initials and or signature

Proof of publications (published text books, articles in professional magazines etc- make a copy of the front of the text book and the page showing the date it was published, publishing company and authors name. For an articles; make a copy of the front of the Magazine it was published in, the table of contents and article that has your name as the author on it. All publications must directly relate to your certification.


Name change, address or email change:
If you have changed your name, mailing address or email change- you are asked to complete the following form and return it to the office as soon as possible.  The office is not responsible for not getting information to you if your information has changed.

Name, Address, Phone or email Change Form

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Certificate, Wallet Card, Lapel Pin Replacement and Payment Form

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