Kristina Burgos, RTC Vice-President​


​Harry Halverstadt, Jr, RTC

Kathleen Austria, RTC - Director

- 40 years in the field
- Served on the CBRPC Board from 1987-2002
- Appointed Executive Secretary 2002- present
- Member of the CPRS RT Section: served numerous positions including Professional Standards Chair and Education Chair numerous times
- Member of CPRS District XIV: served numerous positions including Treasurer, Secretary and RT Representative
- Member of CSUN Alumni 
- Member of the NRPA NTRS: Served on the NTRS Board as the Southwest Regional Director
- Member and served on the Chi Kappa Rho Board in numerous committee and positions including Chair
- Serving on the CSUN Gerontology Committee 2010- present
- Specialization: Community Recreation, Aged, Developmental Disabilities, Physical Disabilities and related Sports and Tournaments, Consultant, and Educator
- Received numous awards and citations some of which were: CPRS RT Section Life Time Achievement, CPRS RT Section Outstanding Therapeutic Recreator, CPRS RT Section Play Award, Chi Kappa Rho
Alpha Award, City of Los Angeles Board of Recreation and Park Commission and Los Angeles City Council Resolution of Excellence and Outstanding Contributions to the City and Community
- Presently Lecturer CSUN, Consultant and Executive Secretary to the CBRPC

California Board of Recreation
​and Park Certification, Inc

- 23 years in the field
- Serving on the CBRPC Board since 2011
- Specialization: Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, Consulting to Group Homes, Unions and Legislation
- Bachelors Degree in Recreation Therapy
- Served on numerous committees
- Member of the CPRS RT Section
- Presently Recreation Therapy Supervisor at LAC+USC Medical Center, Psychiatric Rebilitation Services

- Appointed position to the Board
- Consumer of Recreation and Recreation Therapy Services 25 years
- Volunteers with the Developmental Disabled
- Was employed part-time with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks in the San Fernando Valley Therapeutic Recreation Section leading programs and activities for consumer with physical disabilities
- Bachelors Degree in English
- Working on a Second Bachelors

-Appointed to board beginning April 2017


California Board of Recreation
​and Park Certification, Inc

PO Box 900489 Palmdale CA 93590-0489
V: 661-538-1332  F: 661-274-8600
Presently Office Hours: M & W 8am to 5pm 
Emails checked daily 

JoAnn Jones-Lopez, MS, RTC, RRC - President

-Appointed to board beginning April 2016
-8 years in the field
-Bachelors Emphasis in Fitness Health & Nutrition, San Diego State University
-Masters in Recreation emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation, San Jose State University
-Palo Alto Health Care System since 2008
-Member of the CPRS RT Section; served as 2 terms as Education Director, 2 terms as Conference Program Committee Member, and RT Section Information Chair
-Award Receipient: 
CPRS RT Section Practitioner of the Year, 2010
CPRS Ann Arge Nathan Spirit Award, RT Section in 2007 and 2008
-Speaker, Guest Lecturer at SJSU, numerous State and Mental Health Conferences


Susy Thiele, Consumer 

Colleen Reilly, MS, RT

- 37 years in the field
- Serving on the Board since 1986
- Specialization: Long Term Care, Acute Rehab (Arthritis), At Risk Youth, Recreation in Public Education and Administration
- Masters Degree in Recreation Therapy, Bachelors Degree in Recreation Administration
- Life Time CA Community College Teaching Credential, CA K-12 Teaching Credential, Administrative Services Credential
- Certified Instructor for Activity Director Certification
- Guest Lecturer SDSU and UCSD
- Served on numerous foundations and committees
- Member of the CPRS RT Section: served numerous positions including RT Director, Treasurer, Professional Standards Chair, Southern Representative, Education Chair and CPRS Council of Section Representative
- Recipient of numerous awards of excellent some of which were: CPRS RT Section Outstanding RT, Oustanding Alumni SDSU, VUSD Outstanding Teacher, MLCC Volunteer of the Year, Certificates of 
Appreciation for service from: Arthritis Foundation, Alzheimer's Foundation, San Diego Park and Recreation, Vista Park and Recreation Commission, Vista Chamber of Commerce, Vista Foundation and CBRPC

Paulette (Polly) Schuster, MS, RTC, RC - Executive Secretary

- 34 years in the field
- Serving on the CBRPC Board since 2006
- Specialization: Skilled Nursing, Physical Rehab, Community & Transitional Living, Community Outreach, Special Olympics and Educator
- Masters and Bachelors in Recreation Therapy and Associate Arts Degree in Sociology & Psychology
- Presently Lecturer at SJSU
- Guest speaker at Universities, community, state and national workshops and training sessions
- Served on numerous community, state and national boards
- Member of the CPRS RT Section: served numerous positions including RT Director, Northern Rep, Professional Standards and Education Chair, RT Representative on the CPRS Board
- Recipient of numerous awards including Life Time Achievement from the CPRS RT Section, Distinguished SJSU Alumni Award, CPRS RT Outstanding RT Award, State Award Citation for Developing Model 
Activities Programs for Skilled Nursing and Citation of Appreciation for Successfully Negotiating Internship Contracts between Standard University Medical Center and Northern CA State Universities and many, many more.

- 34 years in the field
- Serving on the board since 2008
- Served on numerous state and national legislative committees
- Specialization: Unions, State and National Legislation, Mental Health, Homeless
- Bachelor's Degree in Recreation Therapy
- Published numerous articles on a variety of topics and concerns
- Guest speaker at Universities, state and national workshops and Training Sessions on a wide variety of topics
- Member of the CPRS RT Section
- Presently Deputy for the Constituent engagement for Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas
- Recipient of numerous awards: some include include CPRS RT Best Practitioner, CPRS RT Life Time Achievement Award for her work in Rehabilitation and Legislation

B.J. Grosvenor, Educator MS, RTC, RC- Director ​