California Board of Recreation and Park Certification, Inc

California Certification Promotes Pride and Excellence in the Profession
Established in 1954 Non-Profit Incorporation

To establish specific standards informing the general public and employing agencies of basic professional competencies.
To identify leaders engaged professionally in the recreation profession.

To inform consumers and employers - recreation professional has tested
competent through examination on specific standards identified by the profession and CBRPC.
To verify adequate preparation of the professional while at the same time indicating validity of the profession.
To provide, upon request, verification to agencies of certificant's original certification date, current standing and expiration date.     
To have an impact on university curriculum.    

To deliver, administer and maintain certification examination procedures locally.

To organize a base of both Recreator and Recreation Therapist Certification.

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    P.O. Box 900489 Palmdale CA. 93590-0489 661-538-1332 

Phone: 661-538-1332  Fax: 661-274-8600 


                                                         President: Dodie Mosby, RC    Executive Secretary: Paulette Schuster, RTC, RC



       This is for agencies/organizations who are required to verify prospective and long term employee's certifications.  
    To obtain the information email:  and include the following information

    1) Certificant's full name (maiden/married name & certification number if available)     

We will provide: 
    - the date the certificant's was first certified, 
    - current standing  
    - when the certificate expires

    (In order for certificant's to maintain their certification, they must renew every 2 years by showing proof of 2.0 CEU's and pay a nominal 
    fee.  The Re-certification Review committee meets twice a year to review the renewals.  Results go in the mail that evening after the 
    review.   If the committee has any concerns, they notify the certificant via phone and  email.  Late renewals may be delayed 4 to 6 weeks
    after the expiration date.)


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