To establish specific standards informing the general public and employing agencies of basic professional competencies.  
To identify leaders engaged professionally in the recreation profession.

To inform consumers and employers - recreation professional has tested competent through examination on specific standards identified by the profession and CBRPC.
To verify adequate preparation of the professional while at the same time indicating validity of the profession.
To provide, upon request, verification to agencies of certificant's original certification date, current standing and expiration date.  

To have an impact on university curriculum. 
To deliver, administer and maintain certification examination procedures locally.
To organize a base of both Recreator and Recreation Therapist Certification.   


June 2020 Renewal Information 

June 2020 RTC Renewal Forms.pdf

The information for the June renewals has been emailed out.  If you have a June renewal and did not receive the email please contact the office to update your contact information.


March 21, 2020

Esteemed Colleagues:

As we maneuver through the roadblocks of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we must work together for a safe and realistic environment.  We have heard the concerns of our Recreation Therapists, Students, Agency Supervisors and Universities as to the impact of the virus. We are aware that many of the normal Recreation Therapy services and educational opportunities have been affected. To that end CBRPC will implement the following changes to certification immediately:

     1.  On-Line webinars/conferences/classes may now be used for 2.0 CEU’s (20 Contact Hours). The existing standards for acceptance of 

          these courses remain in place.  All courses must have a provider number and relate to professional competencies.

     2.  Those RTC’s who are due to renew certification by June 2020 will be given an additional three (3) months, without penalty, to secure 2.0

          CEU’s.  We will continue to accept renewals in June if you have completed your required CEU’s. CBRPC will evaluate the need for an

          extension for December  2020 renewals at a later date.

     3.  If more time is needed (past September 2020) to secure CEU’s any RTC may request an Extension.  The guidelines for the Extension

          remain as currently posted.

     4.  If you are impacted financially by COVID-19, CBRPC will work with you on paying  fees.

     5.  For the remainder of 2020 CBRPC will continue to accept safety related courses, computer skill courses and work required courses

          (MAB, etc.).   Beginning with the June 2021 renewal cycle these courses will no longer be accepted.

     6.  CBRPC will begin work immediately on a revised policy for Internships.  At this time decisions related to the implementation/completion of

          the internship should be determined by the agency supervisor and the academic advisor.  CBRPC will review all submitted internship 

          hours, however, the 600-hour minimum remains in place.

     7.  Due to the new recommendations from the Governor (shelter in place) the Recreation Therapy Exams scheduled for April 2020 are now

          postponed.  We apologize for this inconvenience, but we must put the safety of our professionals first.

The CBRPC office remains open for phone calls, texts and emails Monday – Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if have questions or concerns.  Know that we will get through this by working together.


JoAnn Jones-Lopez  MS, RTC, RC
CBRPC President


Many of you have received an email from CBRPC asking for money to purchase a gift card.  Please note this email was not sent by CBRPC.   Our information was hacked.  If you have received this email, please delete it.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office.

 CBRPC Board

California Certification Promotes Pride
and Excellence in the Profession

Established in 1954 Non-Profit Incorporation for peace

Attached you will find the application for your RTC renewal.  Please read it very carefully.  As you will see there are two deadlines. Due to the COVID-19 virus CBRPC has extended the June 2020 deadline to September to allow everyone time to complete 2.0 CEU’s.  We recognize that conferences and workshops have been cancelled and this may leave RT’s short on time and opportunities to complete the requirements.  We have also changed our policy on on-line courses.  You may now use on-line courses/conferences/webinars for all 2.0 CEU’s (20 contact hours). This will remain an option for the future as well.

The first deadline is June 12, 2012 if you do not need a extension.  Renewals postmarked or emailed by this date will be reviewed by the RRC Committee and you will receive notification of your new renewal by June 30, 2020.

The second option is to use the 3 month extension we have approved.  Renewals MUST be received by September 18, 2020. The RRC Committee will review all extended renewals and you will receive notification of your renewal by September 30, 2020.  This extension will not change your next cycle of renewal.  Your next 2.0 CEU’s would be due June 2022.

If, for any reason, you cannot meet either deadline you should complete the Extension that is normally in place.  Information is in the attachment.

Many of you have asked where to obtain on-line CEU’s.  The following are just a few options:

CPRS.org, atra-online.com, RecTherapyToday.com, ALLCEUs.com, Smartceuhub.com, Institute of Brain Potential, www.pesi.com.  Be sure to follow the CBRPC guidelines for acceptance of any/all CEU’s on-line (see page 2 of application).

If you have questions about your renewal please contact the CBRPC office by call, text or email.

JoAnn Jones-Lopez  MS, RTC, RC
CBRPC President

California Board of Recreation
​and Park Certification, Inc

California Board of Recreation
​and Park Certification, Inc